Sidra Maximum Power Paste Stick 12g

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Our all-natural Maximum Power Stick Paste brand, which is designed to boost your sexual effectiveness. Instantly and having a satisfaction rate of 95% among the users it shows what real efficiency means. This drug performs twice as well as its analogues, taking effect in minutes and keeping the sexual act possible for hours.



You can maximize your sexual performance with maximum power epimedium paste, which is a 100% healthy product consisting of natural ingredients. 95% of those who use the product, which show maximum effect is a short time, are satisfies with its performance. It provides 2 times better performance compared to its counterparts. It takes effect in minutes and provides hours of sexual performance.

2x More Performance

Erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation is one of the most common problems among men. This is an obstacle to a healthy sexual union. The epidium plant makes the paste act like an aphrodisiac. One of the leading products for who want maximum performance during sexual intercourse. It not only makes the erection last longer, it also gives energy and increases the sperm count. Thus, it is often preferred by men who want to be fathers.

Hours of performance

It is sufficient to consume the paste, which provides 2 times more effective performance compared to other pastes containing epidium, half an hour before intercourse. It starts to show its effect in as little as half an hour. Moreover, the effect lasts for hours. If you want to have a pleasant and long-lasting sexual relationship with your partner, the paste is for you


Who can Use Maximum Power Paste

Maximum power epimedium paste can be used by all healthy individuals, whether male or female, as it has natural ingredients. It can be used by people who have erection problems. Who want to increase their sexual desire and who want to show long-term performance. However, it is not recommended for people with chronic diseases such as heart, blood pressure and diabetes. It is also not recommended for use by pregnant women.

Products content

Pine honey, bee pollen, carob powder, Epimedium extract, Ginseng Extract, Ginkgo Extract

Recommended Usage

Mix thoroughly before using Maximum Power epimedium paste. It is recommended to use a dessert spoon 30-40 minutes before. It is suitable for use by men and women. Keep out of reach of children. Patients with heart and blood pressure problems should not use this product. It should be used once within 24 hours. It is recommended that people who are taking medication for any ailment use it in consultation with their doctor. Consult your doctor if any adverse effects appear.

Customer Happiness

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To inform

In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, no promotion is made regarding herbal supplement products by specifying the name of the disease or indication. Our products are not drugs; it is a herbal supplement.

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1 review for Sidra Maximum Power Paste Stick 12g

  1. Muhammad Waseem

    Very Nice Product very satisfied with this product

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